Monday, October 29, 2012

Man Candy Monday!!!!!!

I thought about going Halloween-ish here and posting actual candy! LOL But no...Halloween Weeks edition of Man Candy Monday is Matt Bomer. One of the Prince's favorite shows is White Collar so I see quite a bit of Matt Bomer. He is very sexy and cute! He was also in Magic Mike which astonishingly I have NOT seen yet even though it is out on dvd! I am going to forget that I found out he is gay and has three adorable blond little boys with his Partner.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Man Candy Monday is BAAAACK!

Sorry for the long hiatus girls. It's been craaazzzy around here. All kinds of changes going on and it has been overwhelming. Enjoy today's yummy tidbit!

Nick Hawk is a gigalo in Las Vegas and star of the Show Time series Gigalos! Yes you can hire him for $500 and hour! Hmmmm.....He is from Wisconsin and working on a music career. I adore him but he needs to stick to what he knows best!