Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ride Hard or Stay Home...

I missed Man Candy Monday this week because I was still recovering from our weekend bike trip. By bike trip I mean on Big Daddy’s Harley Fatboy. I have successfully avoided any trips and sent him with his biker buddies from work. Which is WHY I let him get it – so he could do something without ME! Well, it wasn’t that bad…I actually enjoyed. I might even go on a longer trip this summer…MIGHT.

We rode up to the middle of No and Where, Cheeselandia to go on a Poker Run that was hosted by ABATE (a motorcycle rights & safety organization). One of Big Daddy’s buds is a member.  A Poker Run is where a pack of bikers ride between 5 or 6 bars. At each one you pick a card from a deck and it is written down on your score card.  This is how you get your poker hand.
I wished I was dead on the first stretch because my ass hurt so bad! I felt like my tail bone area was being ripped in two! This was the longest I had ever been on the back of the Fatboy. I finally rolled up my sweatshirt and stuck it in the gap between the seat and backrest. Finally relief!!!

When we got to the check in it was like a scene from Sons of Anarchy or something. These people were HARD CORE Live to Ride bikers. I was a little uncomfortable I was pretty sure they could tell that I was a poser, sorority girl biker. I am sure my cute Harley clothes and New Balance tennies outed me. Big Daddy blends in a little more and doesn’t scream “White Collar Biker” unless he is wearing his khakis and polo shirt (as he does when he rides to work every day).
I love those…memes? That show different pictures of thing like “This is how I think I look…this is what society thinks, etc.”

This is what I THINK we look like…

This is what the other Bikers REALLY looked like…

This is what I WISH I looked like...

This is what we REALLY look like…
(We ALWAYS wear Helmets!!!)
(Note rolled up sweatshirt behind my ass.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Man Candy Monday!!!!!!

I have no idea why I have not featured this scrummy delight before! I love Mario Lopez! His smile just melts me and I want to just squeeeeeze and eat him up! After watching his show I know he would be a pain in the ass to live with because he is so controlling but I don't want to live with him! He is so talented hosting Extra and numerous other shows. Mario was on Dancing With The Stars and dated his partner Karina Smirnoff. He was on Broadway in Chorus Line. He was on Nip/Tuck. He is an incredibly busy boy! He loves his baby girl and his doggy too! And he was everyone's favorite in Saved By the Bell! He is always so freaking happy and smiling --- HUGE turn on! He took his clothes off on Ellen too!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Man Candy Monday!!!!

Happy Yummy Monday!!!!
One day I will surprise you all by actually writing blog posts but I am pretty sure you would rather look at mens instead of read anything! ;P

Today we have some yummy creamy coaco chocolate Michale Ealy. He is in a new show on USA called Common Law where he plays a cop who is sent to couples therapy with his partner. He was also recently featured in Think Like A Man, Takers, The Good Wife, Californication, and Barbershop. He needs to take his clothes off more frequently! I love his BLUE eyes and that puppy dog look...