Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!


Memories of making “mailboxes” out of paper plates laced together and decorated to receive our Valentines and treats in grade school. Fortunately in my grade school, as well as my kids’, a class list was sent home and everyone was to receive a Valentine. That is the fair way. Of course you saved the very best, biggest and prettiest card for your best friend and your crush. The Room Moms planned a party with games and treats. It was a happy day!
In high school I remember groups selling flowers or candy to be delivered with messages on the big day of romance. My sorority did this as a fund raiser every year and two of my friends had declared the day as “Love is a Battlefield Day” and wore black when we delivered the messages of love and lust. I can’t say I remember any Valentine gestures from my boy friends in college.
After I started dating Big Daddy we exchanged huge Hallmark cards “To the Love of My Life”, “To My Sweetheart”, with a long handwritten message declaring our undying love. I honestly can’t remember any of the gifts we gave each other. After we got married, he would give me a card and a single rose. 
When I finally got pregnant with our long awaited child, I was due on Valentine’s Day. I remember having an appointment that day and begging the doctor to let me have her already! One of my friends said, “Maybe you’ll have her on my birthday, February 22!” I told her I would kill myself if I was still pregnant ten days late!  As things tend to work in my life, I went into labor the evening of the 22nd and our beautiful daughter was born the next morning with much drama and has been dramatic ever since! She calls the day “St. Guilt Day” and says that it’s for guys to make up for being douche bags the rest of the year.
Two years ago my best friend sent me a gorgeous bouquet of pastel roses saying that she knew our husbands would never send us flowers. That was a lovely surprise!
In my novel of epic proportions (that you will hear more about), my sexy hero makes a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day that reconnects him with his heroine. 
Although I love romance I can’t say that the grand gestures mean a lot to me Candy and roses and a big expensive dinner out – bah—why waste the money? Nah… I want something that my love knows that I would love. In the Real Life Adventures cartoon I saw yesterday, a guy said he had McBurger coupons, candy from the vending machine and grocery store flowers for his wife. His female coworker was all good luck with that! That is exactly what I would love! My husband knows that McDonald’s is my favorite place. I love McDonald’s! We don’t go there much since he hates it and the girl doesn’t like it much either. (I make the kids go on his bowling night!)  That and a big Snickers bar that I wouldn’t have to share, would tell me that he put a lot of thought into what would make me swoon.
What makes other people happy I am sure is completely different. Many women expect the grand gestures that they believe show how much their man loves them. I want to know that he put thought into this. I put thought into everything I do year round. Why can’t he? I have to say once in awhile Big Daddy will surprise me with a Snickers bar when he comes home from grocery shopping. He knows the way to my heart.
What is the way to your heart? Is it a Hallmark card and a single rose? Is it a romantic dinner out? Or is it a Snickers bar all to yourself? Tell me what your dream Valentine’s Day is.

Valentine’s Day! The day of epic romance!