Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Sixteen!

Our Princessa of Quite A Lot turned Sweet 16 in February! We tried to make the day as special as we could.  When she woke up and opened her bedroom door she was surprised to find Sweet 16 streamers in front of her door, as well as balloons and banners all over the hallway and the kitchen! She told me she couldn’t believe that we had done all that for her. Of course in true Princess fashion, it was a weeklong celebration.
On the morning of the Big Day, Big Daddy took her to the DMV to get her Drivers License and out to breakfast before she went to school. She was very excited to come home and show me her driver’s license!  The picture wasn’t bad and the decorative beading showed in the picture.That weekend, for her celebration she invited six of her closest girl friends to dinner at HuHot Mongolian Grill, where they gave us a small private room for our group. She was the belle of the HuHot, rocking her Sweet 16 Birthday Princess sash, tiara and feather boa. Her girlfriends (and Mommy) wore little tiaras.  They had a blast creating their stir fries and the “Grill Warriors” sang Happy Birthday to her as they grilled her food. After dinner the girls came back to our house for a sleep over that included cupcakes we made that looked like our pup Mischa, snacks and a Nerf battle. It was a little different than those Super Sweet 16 television shows, but I am sure that they had just as much fun, if not more.

The next day Big Daddy and I actually watched a ‘Best of’, of that show. P. Diddy gave his kid a Maybach and a driver…we gave our kid key chains from Las Vegas for ‘her’ keys to the Town & Country minivan.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on these huge extravaganzas that featured multiple hip hop acts, catered food and expensive cars. I wonder if the birthday child really enjoyed these grand parties as much as they said on camera.
Most girls dream of how their “Sweet 16” will be. We older girls wished that we would have a “16 Candles” moment and our Jake would be waiting with his sports car and sweep us off our feet with a private birthday celebration and a Sweet 16 kiss.  
For my Sweet 16, I had a ‘Death by Chocolate’ party and invited my best friends, which included boys because my very best friend to this day is the same boy. The dress code was fancy.  My friend Nina and I rocked velveteen knickers and bolero jackets that we had sewn ourselves. We gorged on chocolate cake and desserts including chocolate pizza. Jake didn’t stop by with his sports car but it was a pretty good night just being with my friends!