Monday, July 25, 2011

Man Candy Monday!!!!!!!

It's Monday? Again????? That was a quick week!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I did! I spent time with my sister and my other family.

The last season of Entourage premiered last night. I love that show. I love Jeremy Piven. I have always loved Piven. He is a good olf Chicago boy. He grew up in his parents' Piven Theatre Workshop in Chicago. His best friend is John Cussack who also honed his acting skills at the theatre. His character agent Ari Gold in Entourage is his biggest hit yet. He has several movies coming out soon including Spy Kids 4.  Jeremy is very laid back in real life. He says it takes him a lot to whip himself up in to the franticness of Ari. Well, I'll be Mrs. Ari anytime! I don't know why she complains -- he is doing it all for her & the kids! 

Mr. & Mrs. Ari Gold