Monday, October 10, 2011

Man candy Monday!!!!!!!

Better late than never!!! I didn't completly forget! This weekend Princessa and I finally watched "Something Borrowed" which is the story of both of our lives. (Awesome movie!!!) I am in luuurrrrve with Colin Egglesfield, who played the handsome and preppy Dex. Colin has also been on All My Children, the new Melrose Place, and as Tommy Rizolli on Rizolli and Isles. He has a film called Open Road that is coming out in 2012. To top it off he has done quite a bit of modeling. He grew up in Crete, IL and his dad is a doctor!  He is soooo adorable and looks just like the kind of Frat boy I had hoped to marry. Enjoy this scrumptious treat!!!