Monday, March 12, 2012

Man Candy Monday!!!!

It looks like Spring is breaking and things are awakening and crazy due to the solar flares or the weird weather. Sorry I missed last week. Had some family things to deal with. I think I have more than made up for it with my featured tasty treat today!

Michael Fassbender is a delicious German gummy bear! He was born in Germany and grew up in Ireland. He has been in so many movies!  Shame, (which is full of nudity and sex I have read), X-Men First Class as Magneto, Haywire, Inglorious Bastards and A Dangerous Method to name just a few.  Enjoy our Irish Cream Gummy Yummy!!!!

 Hollywood was obsessed with Michael's penis. Even George Clooney made jokes about it's size during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes! Check it out below!