Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think everything happens in life for a reason. We probably will never know what that reason is, but I truly believe fate is a huge factor.  For example… My bff Kit and I met 28 years ago when we went through Sorority Rush. A mutual friend of ours said, “Oh maybe you will meet Kit! She is going through Rush and maybe you will meet?” I was like yeah okay…there are 500 girls going through Rush. I doubt it.  Well we ended up pledging the same house and have been bff’s ever since.
Kit kept yapping about a friend of her boy friend’s (now her hubby Uncle Pokey). It turned out that two of my friends I grew up with met Big Daddy at their college freshman year and told me about him. I said he sounded like fun and I would love to meet him. Then sorority, frat boy bf and school were going on and I totally forgot about him.
 Kit Uncle Pokey brought him up to NIU to go out to the bars. I had all new roommates and I was lonely. I was so excited! He was so cute and funny! We went for drinks to the Crystal Pistol, the lounge at a hotel in De Kalb we liked. They had free food at Happy Hour. We danced to “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin. (The love song from Top Gun). That was it. Boom.

Big Daddy and I celebrated 25 years of being together Labor Day weekend. I can NOT believe I have been with this man more than half of my life! That is a fucking long time. Where did they last 25 years go? Where the hell did these teenagers come from? It all just happens way to quick.
I love this man more than anything. I know he loves me too. Yeah, he gets on my last nerve and can be crabby, etc… But I love him. We have been through hell together and have always fought to make it through everything that has stood in our way. Miscarriages, infertility, raising our kids, his Smother, my parents getting sick and dying, he puts up with my older sister and helps me deal take care of her. I could never ask for a better partner or father to my kids and little dogs.
I am his Down Ass Bitch. I would do anything for this man. Ride or die Big Daddy, ride or die…There is no other choice. Fate put us together.