Friday, September 2, 2011

My true love....

I love Ralph Lauren. I am in love with Ralph. His designs make me weak, joyful and excited. I have loved Ralph since…well forever. My friends tease me that I was born wearing a Polo shirt. (It was a LaCoste). I have always been preppy. It’s where I grew up; it’s how I was raised. It’s so American and old, comfy and honest. It is a lifestyle. The Ralph Lauren brand has thrived for decades by bringing to life a classic, even nostalgic aesthetic--an appealing, attractive, exclusive world that consumers have shown terrific hunger for.

Here I am about 4 or 5 rocking a polo and cardy!

The 1980’s were the best ever. Layers and layers of Polo. Turtleneck, Polo shirt, button down dress shirt and a Fair Isle sweater with chinos and penny loafers or deck shoes. Argyle and plaid…mmmm… I am freaking mad about plaid! I love plaid. I dress in plaid, dressed my kids in plaid, I decorate with plaid. Plaid makes me feel happy! You have no idea how ecstatic I have been that plaid and the best ever, patch work plaid have been back in vogue! And Polo with plaid? That is a multiple orgasm.

My dream family room. OMFG!

People may give me a difficult time for being snobby about almost only buying designer. I never pay full price and I know it isn’t going to fall apart or shrink in the first wash. The Princessa & Prince wear Polo clothes I wore in high school! They still look great too. They are classic and for the most part never go out of style. There are a couple things like really wide leg walking shorts that I did part with. It was easy to find matching clothes for the kids in Polo too. (I was obsessive about the kids wearing matching outfits. It’s a St. Charles thing). We have had many family portraits where we are all wearing Polo shirts and we are planning a new one this fall with even the dogs wearing their Polo shirts.

If I ever get a tattoo I have considered a Polo guy logo in full color.

And Ralph himself? He is an incredible guy! I’m sure many have seen his exclusive interview with Oprah at his double RL ranch in Telluride. He is a really down to earth guy who had a dream and worked hard to make it come true. He and his wife Ricky have done a great job with their kids too. Daughter Dylan is owner of the world’s largest candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar and was married last weekend to Paul Arrouet a hedge fund manager. Son David is marrying Lauren Bush at the Double RL ranch this weekend. David is the Executive VP of Polo-Ralph Lauren. Andrew is a film producer with his own production company. Dylan and David have degrees from Duke University and Andrew has a degree from Brown. My only issue with Ralph is that his models are so unhealthily thin. He needs some real women as models and he would even sell more. And all his designs should be available in every size up to 26. Otherwise I just am in love with all that is Ralph.