Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What kind of taste are they trying to make?

I get an email every day from a place called “One Kings Lane”. They offer different sales every day ranging from stationery and frames to what they call “Tastemaker Tag Sales” that are Interior Designers selling stuff from their shops or warehouses. I can NOT believe what these “Tastemakers” consider vintage let alone good taste!

Included in the selection today were “vintage” metal spring clothes pins. A set of 20 for $45! Seriously? Let me go in my laundry room! I have an entire freaking bucket of them! I had no idea these were so rare! I could probably make a good $70 here.

This “Mid Century Danish Lounge Chair” is listed for $949! That is right! Nine hundred and forty-nine dollars for this ugly piece of ‘60’s flowered chair rescued from the curb! Let’s all run to our parents’ or grandparents’ homes and find their vintage chairs! Although they may be avocado or gold velvet they are vintage! Mid Century bitch!
This “Mid century coffee table” for $469 is almost identical to the kidney shaped one Kit and I had in our college town house in 1985. Had we known one day we would be able to ask $469 for it I am sure one of us would have kept it so we could sell it to fund our kids’ college tuition. I am sure the driftwood lamp we had would fetch a pretty penny too.
They had “Blueberry boxes”, two for $99. I think pop and all kinds of other things were transported in these boxes. I know we used to have one.  A selection of assorted “Occasional” tables started at $200! I just brought one home that I had been storing at the Michalak homestead that we got from Big Daddy’s great-aunt’s house. I have other similar items from his grandma’s home too.
I absolutely need to find one of these Tastemaker designers when we are ready to sell the homestead. Mommy loved “Danish Modern” and I have seen similar dinning sets and buffets listed for $5000-$6000! I could be in the money!!! I think I need to have my own Tastemaker Tag Sale!  It will be all Danish Modern, Occasional tables and assorted oil paintings. I will add some Vintage silver and china -- if the 1970’s are considered vintage now. I am just sick thinking of all of the fabulous Tastemaking items we filled a dumpster with when we cleaned out their garage years back.

I shake my head when I see some of the things they are selling and the prices! You just know they went to old people’s garage or estate sales and combed the Salvation Army store. And I am still not quite sure what kind of taste they are making…It looks like some pretty bad “Mid Century” 1950- 1960’s taste to me.


Liz Fichera said...

I am totally with you on the clothespins. $40? Seriously?!